How to build an Airplane using Agile Methodology (To be more specific Scrum)

A few months ago during one of the training sessions  I had a person that asked me if we could use Scrum to build an Airplane. Ex: A320


Since that time I’ve being thinking and discussing this subject with a lot of people and we got to different conclusions where one of them was to start building a Hang gliding as MVP and keep improving.

So today, instead of sharing a new article I would like to share this challenge. How could we built an Airplane using Scrum?

Please leave your thoughts and ideas 😉

5 thoughts on “How to build an Airplane using Agile Methodology (To be more specific Scrum)

  1. I don’t think you can apply Scrum methodologies for building a plane… building a plane is a cookbook project! Requirements for building a plane doesn’t change. The way to test an airplane doesn’t change… it must be deterministic!

    Probably you can use Kanban for managing some parts of the project! 🙂


    • But imagim that it’s a new plane. Something that doesn’t have a cookbook receipt like you said. Something that was never built and you want to the customers what they want by using feedback as Software Development. 😉 I know that it’s an extreme scenario but the challenge to generate discussions and ideas it’s really interesting 😉


      • Eduardo i’m sorry to disappoint you but Scrum is not appropriate in some projects…
        If you were talking about designing or “conceptualizing” a new plane probably you could apply Scrum


      • You don’t disappoint me 😉 I raised this challenge on propose to ear the possible different opinions that everyone could have.


  2. One solution could be to have Scrum teams working on specific components, for example: propulsion, wings, chassis, Once those features reach a ‘releasable’ stage, then create a sub Scrum team working on integration of the parts.

    Tbh, I am also a fan of the MVP Hang Glider.


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