Beyond Lean Agile new logo!

Today’s post isn’t related with any specific Lean Agile subject instead is regarding the new logo for the Beyond Lean Agile Blog.

In order to give you some context, this week during the Global Scrum Gathering in Prague 2015, I’ve reencounter a person that I meet last year during the Conference Lean Agile Scotland 2014.

Besides the different subjects that we discussed during the coffee breaks one that came up was “Why din’t I have a logo for the blog?”.

Well… As you know my answer was really fast “My draws are really bad ;)”.

So, after my answer he decided to give me a gift. Try to guess what was the gift?

He took his pen from his pocket and drew the logo in one minute. The result is amazing as you can see!


So, my final words is many many thanks mate for the amazing work/logo and it’s promised that I will update the blog with the new logo as soon as possible.