About me

My name is Eduardo Ribeiro and I’m from the little and beautiful ocean side country from the vest coast of Europe called Portugal.

I’m passionate about helping people, teams, and organizations fostering a culture of continuous improvement where experimentation and change embracement becomes part of their DNA.

For more than 25 years, my career has been around technology. My journey started in software development and later on led me to the discovery of Agile. I became fascinated by people’s curiosity when it comes to experimenting and finding new ways of doing things. My career path and diversity of roles provided me with a unique perspective, opportunity to learn and understand all areas of software development lifecycle.

Currently, I’m the Quality & Agility (Enterprise Agile Coach) Director at Critical Software, my previous position being leader of the International Continuous Improvement Team from Paddy Power Betfair, distributed in 4 locations across Europe. My team’s mission was to keep improving and growing high-performing teams as well as improve the way of working and performance throughout the entire organization (Leadership to Scrum/Kanban Teams). To achieve this, we were focusing on coaching, mentoring and training both teams and individuals. Nevertheless, our mission was to keep cultivating and improving the culture of continuous improvement.

In addition, I am the author of Beyond Lean Agile Blog, Co-Founder of Lean Coffee Portugal Community, Founder of Agile Online Community and Co-Founder & Director of Startup Grind Porto.


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