About me

My name is Eduardo Ribeiro and I’m from the little and beautiful country called Portugal.

My passion is helping people, teams and organizations foster a culture of continuous improvement where experimenting and embracing change becomes part of their DNA.

Do you want to know more about me?

I’m a passionate Agile Coach, Blogger and Public Speaker first and foremost (not just Agile Scrum!) and a previous Agile Project Manager.

I currently lead the International Continuous Improvement Team from Paddy Power Betfair that is distributed across 4 locations (Ireland, Portugal, Romania and the United Kingdom).
Our team objective and main focus is to keep improving and growing high-performing teams as well as improve the way of working/performance of all organisation (Leadership to Scrum/Kanban Teams) by coaching, mentoring and training both teams and individuals. Nevertheless, continue to cultivate and improve the culture of continuous improvement.

On my previous role as Agile Project Manager, I was responsible for managing and ensuring in an efficient way that the projects occurring in the same timeframe, distributed across 5 locations (Portugal, United Kingdom, United States, Romania and Australia) goals were achieved.

The author of the Beyond Lean Agile Blog and Co-Funder of Lean Coffee Portugal Community.


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