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What an amazing Paper “2017 State of DevOps“!

One of the highlights that caught my attention was their focus in the culture of continuous improvement and continuous learning that helps the company to keep it self-innovative in the long run and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Moreover, they clearly show the difference between high and low performant organizations.

e.g. High performers deploy 46x more frequent code deployments and 440x faster lead time from committing to deploy.

Quoting them “The more we deploy the more we can have faster feedback from the costumers”.

Another great topic is the Lean Product Management Practices that is been adopted by several organizations. These practices drive higher organizational performance because they create the will to try out new ideas and update specifications during the development process.

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Why Agile Is a Key Component In Facilitating Continuous Delivery by Steven Armstrong

To start with, I would like to give you some context about this article.

Some time ago (I think two months ago) I was facilitating a sharing session between one of the teams and my friend Steven Armstrong about Continuous Delivery.

His session was so interesting and went so well that last week I told him he should write an article to share the knowledge with everyone.

Having said this, I’m happy to share with you that he accepted the challenge as you can see by the link bellow.

Why Agile Is a Key Component In Facilitating Continuous Delivery by Steven Armstrong

My feedback from this is simple: Great article. I hope that you enjoy reading it like I did.