Lean Coffee Porto Community!

Today’s post is related with the beginning of Lean Coffee Porto Community.


The story begins 3 months ago, when a group of people with the same objectives and dreams started to discuss what they could do to share knowledge and create discussions of ideas regarding different areas like Agile, Lean and Tech.

Well, we discovered that more people had the same objective and dream, but in different parts of the world.

How? With the creation of the LeannCoffee.org

Just to give you more context, Lean Coffee is a non-profit world community whose main objective is the development, sharing and discussion of ideas among stakeholders in different areas of knowledge within the Technological, Agile and Lean themes.

As a result from our discussions, we agree to create Lean Coffee Porto and voluntarily organize (in cooperation with LeanCoffee.org and and Tuga) meetups and events in order to drive Portugal into a world reference in Agile, Lean and Technology.

Saying this, Lean Coffee Porto is already in-progress and we have our first meetup schedule for 14th of January 2015.

Join us at UPTEC for our first event and share your experience and knowledge! We will follow the Lean Coffee format presented at http://leancoffee.org/

Register at Eventbrite.


Nevertheless, I would like to share with you that Lean Coffee Braga is also already in-progress. Soon, we will be sharing further details regarding the first meetup.

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