Hyper-Productive Metrics with Jeff Sutherland and Scott Downey

I’m happy to share that I just finished my registration for the hour-long course about Hyper-Productive Metrics with Jeff Sutherland and Scott Downey.

This is going to happen on August 26th 2015 and I’m looking forward to learn more about this topic from these guys experience.

To give you some context please find below the course description.

Hyper-Productive Metrics Course


“In Scrum, beyond velocity, which metrics matter? Which metrics apply across teams? What do you measure at scale.

In their groundbreaking paper Scrum Metrics for Hyper-Productive Teams: How they Fly Like Fighter Aircraft, Scrum Inc. CEO Jeff Sutherland and legendary Agile coach Scott Downey of Rapid Scrum, created best practices for accelerating Scrum teams and the metrics used to fine tune them.

Join Jeff and Scott August 26th at 11:00 EDT for an hour-long course with a live Q&A follow up. See how they’ve iterated on the original metrics and what they’ve learned as they have further applied them.” [1]


[1] Hyper-Productive Metrics | scruminc.

2 thoughts on “Hyper-Productive Metrics with Jeff Sutherland and Scott Downey

  1. I feel there is something that is not right about this. But looking forward for the review. Hopefully I am wrong.


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