Agile Online our new online community

Hi Portuguese and all Agilists!

Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend a live webinar (Descomplicando Agilidade) hosted by our Agile colleagues from Brazil.

One of the discussed topics was about the communities around the world, in particular, how they work and their challenges.

This discussion made me realize that we do not have an online community/channel where we can bring everyone together to share experiences and ideas, so we can all learn and grow together.

Having said that, I would like to share that I’ve created a Slack Channel called “Agile Online” as an action inspired by the discussion mentioned above.

Thanks to the Brazilian colleagues for the great tip!

Do you want to join this new community? Use the following link (Agile Online Community) to join and don’t forget to share the link with all Agilists.

Disclaimer: Please don´t use this channel to sell training or consultancy.

#agile #agilecommunity #agileonline #agilists

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