Food for thoughts… “Dealing with psychopaths during Agile change” by Erich R. Bühler!

Sometimes we see Agile Coaches and Agile Consultants trying to use the same coaching techniques with different types of people. They believe if they have successfully applied a coaching technique, the same will work with most of the people.

During my career, I realised that it is not the case. There is no universal recipe for an Agile Transformation/Change. Moreover, besides first understanding what is the problem we want to solve, it is key to keep in mind that we have to address a multitude of people and roles with different needs and level of resistance to change. While we can get some people on board from the early stages, depending on role, seniority or personal traits, we might need to adapt our coaching style to communicate our message better. After all, change means stepping out of our comfort zone.

Flowing my thoughts, today I’ve come across Eric´s article “Dealing with psychopaths during Agile change” in which he explains how to deal with Psychopathic or Narcissistic people during Agile change.

Thanks Erich R. Bühler, for sharing your thoughts on the matter.

#lean #agile #agility #continuousimprovement #highperformaceteams #change

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